Maria Kouka Prints was launched in 2021.

MKP was launched in April 2021 following years of jotting down thoughts, writing in journals, and writing prose poetry.

In 2019, a stunning 1920’s Royal Typewriter was given to me as a gift by someone I love deeply, and thus my journey of typewriter poetry began. Typewriters act as time machines and connect us with the past; all whilst being romantic, timeless, and classical.

I launched my Instagram page and began my journey there. The goal from the beginning was and is, to connect with people through the power of my treasured words, and hope that they find comfort, healing, and inspiration through them; all whilst knowing that we share some of the same life experiences.

Whether you’re buying a print for your own home, buying a print for someone else, or allowing me to help you write your vows… I hope my words stay with you; and make a beautiful difference to your life.

MKP Merchandise available too!