Everything in life is energy. We are energy. Plants are energy. Anything that is a ‘thing’ is energy. And with energy, the flow is constant.

Moreover, if everything flows and is constant, it means that everything is temporary. If you base that theory to the connection that it has with human life, you would find that life as it so happens, is temporary. Well obviously, because we die at some point. But by life I mean the experiences, the moments, the lessons. The point I want to make and what I want to remind you, is that the good times are temporary and the bad times are temporary. That’s just the way it works.

So  if you are going through a hard time right now, remember that you just need to ride that wave out until the sea becomes calm. Until the water stop being angry. Until the moon is smiling.

And if you’re going through happy, joyous, good times, live those moments as best as you can. Not in the fear that hard times are coming, because that’s not what I’m saying; but just that life continues to flow along.  Be grateful for your blessings.



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