The Vulnerability of a Man.

The Vulnerability of a Man …

The vulnerability of a man; the susceptibility that makes a man.

The world we live in today is a world that has a tag attached to almost everything and anything. For men, the label attached, is that most of them have no feelings and that women are the more emotional sex. Whereas I used to believe this myself too, I’ve come to realise that this is not the case. We just express it more and the men repress it.

Have you ever had a male friend or brother who’s been dumped? (And remember I write this from a woman’s perspective.)  Did he ever try open up to you about how it made him feel but making sure so as to not give too much of his masculinity away? I have. After the dust had settled, my friend once explained the depth of how that break up had left him feeling. It broke down his confidence, hurt his heart (yes men actually have one), planted doubt about future relationships and women in general and overall had him feeling broken. As a man, ‘you’re not allowed to be broken’ because in today’s society it is considered ‘weak’ and so therefore the hard shell, narcissistic, emotionless  type exterior is created; created from a place caused by pain and fear.

Men hide their feelings all the time in fear of rejection or fear of being seen in a light that is not ‘manly’ enough. How many times have us women heard the line ‘I was too afraid for you to see all of me in case you didn’t approve?’ I know I have… a few times, in different situations. And men I suppose don’t understand that seeing that part to them, that vulnerability, is probably what would make us love them more. I guess men hide their insecurities better than women because again, ‘they’re meant to.’ Which man doesn’t want to be funny, attractive, well groomed, have a good job… the list goes on. And that’s all for us women; to impress us.

No, I’m not saying men should be emotional wrecks. What I’m saying is that maybe us women, should give them a break; the good ones at least. Appreciate them more, take the time to truly listen without preparing a response before they’ve even finished speaking, take the time to look past the exterior, be genuinely interested in what they speak about and love them.  And I don’t just mean your husbands or boyfriends … but every man in your life whether it’s a brother, a friend or a granddad. Appreciate them for being a man.

A man in all his form, is a beautiful thing and I don’t think we take the time to appreciate them as much as we should. He’s not perfect, he’s not God, he doesn’t have all the answers, he can’t always do the right thing, he will make mistakes… because at the end of the day, he’s JUST a man.




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