I was consumed with love this morning as I sat down to write. I thought about a sentence I had come across: ‘Your heart has a story with mine’. My mind chased all my happy memories whilst running down the lane of life, reminiscing and relishing. All the marvellous moments danced around in my head, floating like the magic in Matilda’s story.

All the special people who are unique to my story; the ones with whom I’ve been close with, shared intimate moments with, learnt from, helped, longed for, hurt for, shared a smile with, cried with – well, these are all people that my heart has a story with despite how many words, sentences or chapters they have in my book of life so far. They are my happy memories.

And it is within these memories and those experiences that one’s heart lies forever bound to that precise moment in time and to whom you shared those moments with. In the moments where time played out a scene from your life and where a connection between hearts was recorded by the universe are the moments I’m grateful for today.

Take some time to reflect today and make yourself happy by remembering all the people who have a story with your heart. Cherish those moments, because no matter the time that has passed, the distance in-between or the beautiful chaos of life that continues, you’ll always have that heart connection.

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