What makes YOU happy? Do you know? Have you found your bliss? Have you found your soul food? And if you do know what makes you happy, is it long lasting or are they temporary highs?

It’s not always easy to figure yourself out. Moreover, if you are you in your body, with your mind and your soul, shouldn’t it be easy? Well, no. Because life happens and your journey here on earth is the time that you have been given (by God, the Universe, a higher power or whatever you like to call it) for your soul to learn and experience the lessons it needs to, in order to be ready for the next life.

Far too often we tend to lose ourselves along the journey, I know I have. You forget to love yourself. You forget what’s important to YOU. You listen to others. You conform to society. You get lost in social media. You beat yourself down with doubt, fear, worry, blame, anger, unworthiness and discouragement. Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to learn. And that’s fine. I thank God for that, because those experiences make me stronger. But once the lesson is taught, move on and aim to get back to your centre. The centre in you where you feel balanced, happy and in love with yourself.

For today, how about remembering? Remembering that you are the only one who can make yourself truly happy. Remembering to love yourself. Remembering to be kind to yourself. Remembering that you deserve all the love and happiness the World has to offer. Remembering that there is only ONE of YOU!

Do what makes you happy.

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