One thing for certain in life and that we can depend on, is change. As fearful as change can be, what or where would we be without it? Stuck in old comfort zones, not clearly identifying personal strengths or capabilities; simply, not developing or growing as a person; not living life to its fullest adventure.Who would have ever thought that in 2020 we would be living through one of the World’s worst pandemics?

Everything for everyone is uncertain. Nothing is guaranteed – but nothing in life really ever is. And we have learnt to live, or at least adapt to the beauty of uncertainty.We are doing this by broadening our scope of what we take interest in and developing hobbies; reconnecting and rebuilding relationships with others but also working on reconnecting with ourselves and allowing for personal and or spiritual growth. It’s important to go along with the flow of life and welcome change.

But it’s just as vital that we recognize when change is needed.If something isn’t making you happy, identify the cause or the root of the problem. Take the time to figure it out. Take the time.When you understand yourself and work on yourself, you end up bringing more positive aspects of yourself to all personal and work relationships. And that’s just a win/win for all. You’ll never know your full potential until you’re brave enough to allow for, and flow with change.🦋

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