Magic. I’m entranced by it. Entirely. Infinite glitter floats mystically within and throughout my body, illuminating my soul. I constantly feel as though there are a million fireflies flying around in my tummy, sprinkling Tinker Bell dust. I’m constantly excited by the prospect of new magic.

Magic. All I see, is magic. It’s not the trickery of magicians. But rather, every single thing that makes me feel happy, grateful, lucky, enchanted, motivated, giddy, inspired, blessed and creative. Essentially, all the emotions and feelings that are governed by love.

I find magic ubiquitously. I feel it in the energy given to me from my four-and-a-half-year-old niece – in her tight hugs, her sweet kisses and in her telling me that she wants to be just like me when she grows up.

I find magic in words. Stunning, impassioned, remarkable words.

I find magic in a memory, a desire and in a wish sent to the stars.

I find magic in the dawning of a new day, with love that pours down from the heavens and carried on the wings of the angels.

I find magic in the sound of the birds singing. It’s my most favourite sound in the world.

I find magic in the luminosity and mystery of the moon; in the wonder of books and the stories entwined between pages; and in the marvel of nature.

I find magic in kindness, softly spoken words from the heart and in thoughtfulness.

I find magic in a smile and in watching someone laugh uncontrollably and wholeheartedly.

There is magic everywhere and in everything. All you have to do is open up your soul and your heart to be able to see it.

*Believe in the magic!*



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