I have my moments where in the stillness of my mind or perhaps yet the lack thereof, I think of things. I like to challenge my thoughts. I like to force myself to think of things where the answers don’t seem simple.

My thoughts sometimes consist of scientific theories; Sigmund Freud; interpretation of dreams; different worlds; other life times; déjà vu; virtual realities; destiny; fate; the universe.

I can spend hours analyzing the things of which we don’t have answers to, or the things we do have answers to – but I’m not conventional like that. I like to make my own mind up. I’m a thinker. I like to think beyond my own sphere of belief. Beyond the scope of what my current state tells me I know.

I question things a lot. I’m in love with the Universe. I’m in love with the stars, space and night time. I believe in magic. I’m in love with the notion of intense, unconventional conversation. I believe in a single feeling. I believe in feelings you can’t explain. I believe time can freeze in a moment; and when you look back, that moment can seem like an entire life.

I love my time. Time. What is time? Does time truly exist? Yes, I know the academic and orthodox answer to that. But, think about it. What if time isn’t real?

To the brain there is no distinction between reality and a dream. Your dreams and memories are processed but your brain can’t differentiate between the present and the past.

I’ve always had a reoccurring thought from a young age.

What if, our lives as we know it, has all been a dream? And one day we wake up? What if our entire existence is not real? But on the other hand, what if we get so lost in creating virtual realities that they do become reality; much like the Law of Attraction in which I believe in. Would that be a reality? Or would it be part of a dream that we may be in?

Imagine every time you fell asleep you could go back to a moment. You could go back and change things. Or you could go back and live things out just a little bit longer.




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