Dreaming of the day when travel restrictions are lifted, the gates of tourism flood open and our World is safer.

Dreaming of lengthy, sun-filled days spent either round an infinity pool or on a sandy white beach engulfed by endless crystal-clear blue water. The feeling of having your skin blushed by the Sun. The feeling of zoning out of your thoughts and simply, being.

Dreaming of nights filled with walks down cobblestone streets. The long-savoured taste of Piña Coladas at a trendy bar overlooking a moonlit ocean. The sound of laughter and happiness.

Dreaming of the sweet smell of jasmine flowers that frame the beginning of nightfall; the smell of freshly grilled food drifting through the tavernas and pouring into the crowds; and the smell of summer perfume – the perfume that will allow for time travel back to the memories you make.

Dreaming of vacationing at this dreamy place, the Stella Island Luxury Resort and Spa.



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