Today God granted me my 30th year of life. How wondrous is that?!

Leading up to today I felt a little apprehensive; a little sad; a little bit nostalgic. I wasn’t sure about how I felt leaving my 20s. After a lot of soul searching, soul listening and reflecting, what comforted me was that I remembered that I am exactly where I’m meant to be.

My 20s were everything I needed them to be. I had such incredible fun along the way. I loved; I lost; I had unbelievable heartbreak; I travelled; I was stupid; I made bad choices; I made unbelievably good decisions; I figured out who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do; I met my best friends; I became independent; I moved out; I became an auntie; I watched life develop; I created the best memories with everyone who was meant to cross my path for the right reasons. I embarked on an academic journey that has enriched my life. I learnt to love books, and words. I figured me out.

From living and falling in love with London, to juggling 3-4 jobs at a time to try and make ‘it’; to having no direction in my life; to film sets; to award shows; to presenting on red carpets; to TV appearances; to catwalk shows in Milan; to recording a damn song! LOL.

I experienced everything my soul needed to, to get me to this very point. And that’s truly a blessing. Thank you God. And here’s to more Maro Kouka greatness, for me to bless you all with 🙂



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