“Lets become human first.”

I don’t have to tell you all of what the World is going through; you know our humanity is hurting.

Too often, and perhaps sometimes rightly so, we get lost in simply wanting to protect our own, provide for our own and focus on our own. Our own being our family and loved ones. We forget about mankind. We forget about helping others.

As a nation we have become entwined in fear; fear of all kind. Fear of safety; fear of a lack of progression; fear of unsurmountable change. Alongside this fear, we have, in an oxymoron-ish fashion become numb to witnessing pain and suffering; almost as though we expect it but we are just grateful that it is not happening to us. We programme the information as if it were an email, in our junk folder, that we see but won’t do anything about.

But today is World Humanitarian Day and I ask you to please do something kind for humanity. Have love in your heart whilst doing. Believe that your one gesture, however big or small, can make someone’s soul feel better today. It can give someone hope and where there is hope there is life. You can make a difference to someone’s life. Please encourage all those you know to do the same.

In a world where hate is the hare, let us be the tortoise and win the race.



Nelson Mandela

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