Lets face it. The Internet and social media have killed off relationships. Gone are the days of writing a phone number on a piece of paper and having to anxiously find a pay phone to call someone. Gone are the days of waiting for the house phone to ring. Now we have smart phones fully turbo charged with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Whatsapp and every other relationship-killing app out there.

People have become too disposable and too accessible. There is too much choice. There are too many options and if one option doesn’t suit you on the one day, well, you’re sure to find another option on the next.

We are living in a day and age where futures are based on a left or right swipe. Let that sink in a little. We are a nation, a new generation so fixated upon physical attractions both on people and materialistic things. How are relationships meant to sustain purity and capture the essence of what is important?

Even if someone has no intention of being unfaithful, the temptation is always there. Even the smallest of temptations that most definitely allow your mind, either consciously or unconsciously, to accept the information received. For instance, you’re a young man in a relationship simply scrolling through Instagram and there she is, Tanya in her full glory posing to get gratification by the amount of likes she gets from people that she doesn’t even know. He doesn’t care for it, but the point I’m trying to make is that its there, easy to obtain, easy to tempt. And well basically, when he’s had an argument with his girlfriend, he might just want to look at Tanya again.

Nothing is sacred with relationships anymore. True love, without any involvement of any form of Internet or social media interference is ridiculously hard to find, let alone be able to nurture and keep. What are you meant to do? Find someone who isn’t on social media or has not evolved with the technological times? Yes, good luck with that. You may find someone who isn’t on Facebook or Twitter but he or she will know how to use a dating site on the Internet.

Look, this is not about any form of trust because I believe trust is earned and given when shown it can be respected and honoured. That’s not the issue here. So if you’re reading this and have said to yourself, ‘well, I trust my girlfriend….’ its not about trust. It’s about the free flowing availability of, and lack of mystery that descends upon our human force when it comes to any form of interaction or intimacy. There have been countless times I’ve received inappropriate pictures on Facebook and Instagram from total strangers. How is that enticing? It really does not scream decent, or respectable, nor does it scream anything that I would want to date. Moreover, why are you giving it so freely? And the ones who respond and then go on to form a relationship with that person, what does that say about the foundation of your relationship? Foundations are not valued anymore and they are the fundamental element for a happy, loving and solid relationship.

I miss hand written love notes forced into your hand by the boy who’s mustered up all his courage to come and speak to you. I miss love letters being received in your post box. I miss the house phone ringing. I miss sneaking out the window to meet that boy. I miss Polaroid’s. I miss the text messages without the ‘delivered’ sign. When it comes to the dating world, I miss less choice. I miss less accessibility. I miss fewer options.

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