You gotta love Instagram! A biosphere of pictures, a world of inspiration, places to see, things to do, a lifetime of experiences to try out and insight into the lives of the millions of people that live on our wonderful planet! I love sharing what I see on Instagram with my sister and friends, as I’m sure you all do too.

The story begins a few weeks ago when I tagged my sister on a photograph I had come across on Instagram. The account, ‘fashion9ds’. It was a photograph of endless purple fields with a blonde woman wearing a purple floaty dress, arms stretched out, butterfly backpack on her back and walking through this stunning fairy-tale pasture.

It was one of the most gorgeous photographs I had ever seen. Firstly, because I’d never seen a real ‘purple’ field. Yes, rapeseed fields galore, but never a lavender one. Secondly, because purple is one of my favourite colours. And thirdly, the photograph depicted tranquillity, peace, calm, spirituality; all the good things that I like to call ‘Soul Food.’ It was visual heaven! It was a visual cupcake, with lots of sprinkles on top!

I remember speaking about it with my sister over the phone and saying: ‘Oh it’s probably such a computer generated image! She’s probably standing in front of a green screen!’ And that ‘nothing real could look that amazing!’ We agreed that a little tech awesomeness had been used to create the image with a spice of Lark, Juno, Crema and Amaro!  I wished for it to be real. I wanted to be that girl walking through the dreamlike purple field. If a picture could awaken such desire within my spirit, I couldn’t imagine what the real thing would feel like; if it were real after all. We left the conversation there, full of wonderfulness, hope and craving and because I didn’t think for one, that the field genuinely existed or that two, I could get to a field that actually looked like that!

And then my sister told me three weeks later, on a gorgeous London summer Sunday afternoon that she had a surprise for me. And this is where she and my brother in law took me to…. My Lavender Dream.



WHAT A DREAM COME TRUE! All the quiet research, thinking and planning… Thank you to the best sister in the World, MY sister!

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  1. Lisa C says:

    WOW, this is so awesome. Who knew this was in London?! I am so happy to see you live your lavender dream 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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