A MOTHER’S KISS – Vital for all Mummy’s of Toddlers to read!

The plans you have for yourself are not necessarily the plans that God may have for you. This proved true for me yesterday when an unexpected incident involving my niece happened, which resulted in my family and I spending most of the day in and out of hospitals.

My two-year-old beautiful, little niece was enjoying her breakfast, which included a bowl of chopped apple pieces. We didn’t see how it happened, but Lexi managed to lodge a piece of apple right up one of her nostrils. The piece of fruit was also relatively bigger than her little nostril too, which made it even more concerning.

By not knowing how to properly remove it, the piece of fruit ended up being pushed right up her nasal passage until it was no longer visible. Very, very frightening for us all.

Self diagnosing or reading on medical matters on the Internet is probably the worst thing anyone can do. Moreover, speaking to the medical staff yesterday, this is what we learnt:

Contrary to the articles we had read on the Internet stating that, ‘the food will dissolve and go down the child’s throat’ and that you shouldn’t ‘over worry,’ we were told by the doctors that food is far more dangerous than metal foreign objects! We absolutely thought the opposite! This is because the metal object cannot dissolve and will be passed through the child’s digestive system eventually. (However this is just as dangerous for the child as it can prevent normal breathing.) Food on the other hand would start to discolour, soften and rot in the nasal passage, causing severe infection and swelling.

At the Accident and Emergency Centre, the options we were given were to perform a Mother’s Kiss, the use of a suction device or the use of anesthesia in order to remove the object. The trauma our little Lexi went through yesterday was terrible! All the staff we dealt with had to pretend to be Mr Tumble’s friend just so that Lexi could feel comfortable and safe. Prodding, strong lights and funny looking medical ‘hammers’ can be very daunting for little children as I’m sure all mothers know.

I didn’t know what a Mother’s Kiss was, so if you have a young child and don’t know either, here is what it is.

In simple terms, a Mother’s kiss is a way of removing foreign objects from a toddler’s nasal cavity by performing what looks like a mouth-to-mouth procedure, but blocking the unaffected nostril.

How you do it:

  • Place your mouth over the child’s mouth
  • Hold the unaffected nostril, effectively closing it with one finger
  • Blow into the child’s mouth
  • Air will push through the nostril that has the foreign body stuck in it; this may force it out

Tweezers, cotton buds and fingernails to try and remove the stuck object are ABSOLUTE NO GOES as they can push the object further in!

In Lexi’s case, the wedged object was so far up her nose that we believed ‘the kiss’ would not work initially and attempted to try the next option; the suction. Lexi was hysterical to say the least and because she was unable to be calm and still, the doctor advised that attempting the use of the suction would not be wise. His reason for this was that any wrong movement and her respiratory system could potentially be damaged.

My sister was not happy at all about using anesthesia as Lexi is only two years old and wanted to give the Mother’s Kiss a big, last try. In our case, it was Daddy’s kiss.

Two different hospitals, two nurses, two ear, nose and throat specialists, seven hours and a lot of traumatic tears from Lexi, ‘two Daddy Kisses’ got the piece of stuck apple out her little nose.

Here’s a great article I found for you to read about this procedure in detail:


My hope is that by sharing our experience, you yourselves are able to become more aware on what to do in a similar situation. Please share with any Mummy’s of young children.


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