I started a gratitude journal about a month ago. Every night I write down things that I’m grateful for from my day. I started out with listing five things every day, but now I just write everything down; from the smallest to the biggest of things. And because there’s just simply a lot more than just five things.

In order for you to acquire more in your life, you have to be grateful, and truly grateful for what you have now. Whether you want more good health, more blissful days, more better sleep, more food to eat, more work opportunities to come your way, more love, more romance, more kindness, continued hearing, sight or taste. Whether you want less anxiety, depression or fear, you have to be grateful. What you have now, is a lot more than some people may not have. For one, if you’re reading this, you have sight and are able to see. Imagine if you couldn’t. I always thank God and am grateful for the things I don’t have too.

I’ve always been grateful but keeping this journal has enabled me to become even more filled with gratitude. I look forward to writing my blessings down and it’s also wonderful to read it back. Gratitude makes the soul feel good.

Yesterday, this sunset was one of the things I was beyond grateful for! Look at the rays shining through! 🙂 God is so beautiful in his creations!

         ~What are you grateful for today?~

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  1. Lisa C says:

    Lovely post and picture. I have a gratitude journal too and also give gratitude for things ‘I don’t have’. It has made such a huge difference. Blessings, Lisa


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