Those who know me, know that I am a spiritual being. I adore anything that enables me to grow spiritually and emotionally. After all, we are not human beings having a spiritual existence but rather spiritual beings having a human experience here on Earth. I also adore books. I love becoming wiser. Learning new things. Enabling mental growth. I love the feeling of a new book. I much prefer the authenticity of an actual book, rather than reading a kindle. We live in an age where everything is too tech forward and I like to keep some things, ‘old school.’

It took me two days to read ‘What I Know For Sure’ by Oprah Winfrey and it’s the fastest book I’ve ever read. It’s a simple, spiritual account of everything that this beautiful woman has learnt along her journey of life. It’s what she’s learnt for sure. Little lessons that we ourselves have probably also encountered. Lessons perhaps we have learnt and forgotten to remember. A reminder of what’s important in life. The little things. She also references some other great books in this one, which I’ve already ordered off Amazon! She’s written it in a way that targets her female audience but that’s not to say that it’s a great read for everyone, regardless of gender and age. I adore this woman. I adore what she stands for. What she has fought for. Her humanitarian work. Her spirit in trying to help people and make the World a little better; a little kinder; a little more understanding.

What I Know For Sure… is that I love learning. That my Mum is a living angel and my best friend. That I’m obsessed with my family. That I cannot give up chocolate, ever. That I have a forgiving heart. That I love helping people. That I am no better than anyone else. That I adore books. That cake and cupcakes make me extremely happy. And that I can always be better tomorrow, than I am today. M xx


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