Last night I sat down to do a video blog for a beauty product and a white floating aura/orb floated in front of my face and if you look closely, you can see it in this video!

The passing of someone who was special to me a couple of years ago helped me to realise my thirst for knowledge and understanding about the after life. I have read many books on the subject; books about near death experiences, the next life and about spirituality as a whole.

It was my first sighting of an angel/spirit and it truly gave me the biggest amount of joy and affirmation as to what I believe. And that is, that there is an after life and our souls travel to the next phase of their transition.

Angels and good spirits are amongst us and they are there to provide comfort, to provide intuition and to help us with situations, whether it is prevention or allowance.

Have a close look! So, so amazing !!!


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