Reflection and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


I am sure we have all been through a lot this year and many of us will be reflecting today. We all have our stories; the highs and the lows. And to each one of you I hope that this New Year ahead blesses you with love, happiness and health.

For me, my personal journey this year has been one of great spiritual growth. This day last year was an extremely sad day for me but I tried to smile through it all because after all it was NYE and I had to be happy right?

My year started off with the most unimaginable pain, the pain of no longer being part of ‘us’. My whole world fell apart and only through the strength of God did I manage to get through each day. Every one of us has gone through a break up, but I suppose unless you’ve been through real heartbreak, you can’t really understand. And so I went through my first severe heartbreak. And it’s the worst feeling in the world. A year down the line and I am finally pieced back together. I’m grateful for the love I shared with that person, I’m grateful for the things he taught me, the things we taught each other, I’m grateful for knowing real love and real pain and I’m grateful that at the end of it all we know we still have each other’s backs and care for each other. It was a chapter, which only we know the whole truth about.

This year has been a phenomenal year, for which the memories I have created will stay with me forever. I sat down and thought of my top ten moments of this year. And by that I don’t mean temporary highs. I mean, the moments that you feel within your soul; those ‘this right here, is a moment’ moments. One of those moments for me was surprising my Dad in Greece. Phoning him early in the morning whilst he slept and telling him to come downstairs because I wanted to go get a bougatsa and a Milko from the bakery. He thought I was kidding, it was too early to comprehend what I had just told him and with tears streaming down his face and the mobile stuck to his ear, he ran down the stairs towards me. Praise God!

Another beautiful moment that will stay with me is the wedding day of my beautiful Borata. I was her maid of honour. She stood with her arm interlinked with her Dad’s in front of me behind closed doors. I was holding the train of her dress. The doors opened and I saw the whole wedding party admiring her and I was the lucky one to hold her dress and walk proudly and somewhat protectively behind her. The most beautiful song played, Jacob Banks – Something Beautiful. And that… was one of the most beautiful, moments of my life so far. I love you Borata.

My little princess, my niece Lexi, started speaking and the day she said my name, I thought my heart was going to explode from joy. She couldn’t say the M and so I get called Awo, because my nickname is Maro. So now she knows how to say Mama, Baba, Yiayia, Awo, Tutu, Polly and that the doggie goes woof woof and Santa goes Ho ho ho. She understands both Greek and English and she is just the greatest gift from God to my family. Thank you for choosing us Lex. I love you.

Many, many other memories fill my heart. Going to Dubai for the first time with my Spleen and experiencing so, so much, driving through medieval villages of Cannes and Monaco, time spent in Greece with all my family, being on set of The Royals, Helping the homeless this Christmas, the new friends I’ve made and the old friends that are back in my life especially my Zim friends, the unexplained amounts of laughter I have done, Lexi’s Christening, her 1st Birthday, finally dressing up as Winifred Sanderson for Halloween (the amount of laughing me, Stam and Laura did that night I will never forget!) working towards my Journalism degree and launching my #KoukaCrush line just to name a few. I’ve crossed so many things off my bucket list this year too!

I also became the healthiest I’ve ever been, started juicing and stuck to the gym! Something I’m really quite proud of.

I’m so utterly grateful for this year because to me it is the year where I have grown most spiritually and as a person. I have come such a long way from where I was and with God and through God, and with the support of my family and friends I can confidently say that, I LIKE ME, I AM PROUD OF ME AND I WILL ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS IN MY LIFE.

God bless you all and here is to a fabulous new year ahead.

M xx

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  1. katkang says:

    What a happy, uplifting and inspiring post. God bless you too and may 2015 be the best year ever xx


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