Simplistic Spirituality


A moment captured by a single picture. There is so much attachment to this single scene of life in which I captured on my morning walk today. To anyone else it’s simply just a pathway, a few leaves on the ground, a cold day.

To me it connoted a pathway leading to the future, reminding me of what my life journey has been so far and the road I still have to walk. It reminded me of the struggles, the triumphs, the good moments and bad. It reminded me of how far I have come and grown as a spirited being, as a soul.

To me it was also a memory of the Botanical Gardens in Zim that Fran, my Mum, Belinda, Marie and I used to walk through. The laughs we used to have. The bonding of 5 strong women. It made me remember Luke. It made me remember the wonderful childhood I had growing up in Zimbabwe and all that my Mum did for me and my sister to ensure we were brought up with as much love and opportunity.

To me this scenery reminded me of how much bigger than me the world is, how much bigger than life the universe is, how there is so much to life and spirituality.

A simple walk … Simplistic spirituality 🙏

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